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mckayla-webber McKayla Webber|   Feb 28, 2021

CCM Program with Lots of User Flexibility

I’m interested in a customer communications management program that will allow customer service agents a lot of freedom to create their own tasks, their own tags, and generally to manage their customers as they see fit. Do you have any recommendations?

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Eyeota Onboarding Data

by eyeota logo

Eyeota Onboarding Data enables you to find new customers based on data from existing customers. By collecting geospatial data, survey data, transaction data, internal company (CRM) data, and more, Eyeota can find your new customers.

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Trakstar Employee Engagement Software

by trakstar

Trakstar Employee Engagement Software allows HR and management to make sure their employees are engaged in work and feel like they have a place in the company. The software service allows companies to create surveys and perform employee check-ins.

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DigitalAudience CRM -Onboarding


CRM-Onboarding provided by digitalAudience is used to match offline and online data for maximizing sales across all campaigns.

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DueDil Onboard with Confidence


DueDil Onboard with Confidence provides definitive information for businesses to optimize onboarding procedures, no matter the industry

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Enigma Onboarding & KYB


Onboarding & KYB services by Enigma work to make onboarding streamlined for businesses working with small businesses.

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