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william-corneau William Corneau|   Jan 31, 2021

Can anyone recommend a data provider and service like Exegy but for individuals?

I’m an individual interested in getting into the market and I like what I’ve seen of Exegy. But are they the best resource for an individual investor? Who would be better?

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AnalyticsIQ FinanceIQ

by AnalyticsIQ

AnalyticsIQ offers a wealth of financial services to a variety of industries, from retail to cannabinoid and from travel to non-profits. AnalyticsIQ FinanceIQ offers predictive financial analyses via asset, wealth, transaction, investor type, and other data. They also ensure that this sensitive information is compliant with stringent privacy policies.

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Exegy Exegy Ticker Plant

by exegy_logo

Exegy Ticker Plant provided by Exegy provides businesses with real-time market data updates for businesses to use in their own latency-sensitive trading applications.

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Exegy Market Data System

by exegy_logo

Exegy Market Data System provides data distribution through the use of their appliances. Services within this system use their appliances to generate normalizes data, with filtering and distribution capabilities that include a broad coverage of business’s feeds and asset classes.

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TraderMade Financial Information Exchange

by tradermade logo

TraderMade Financial Information Exchange is used to gain real time information on international financial market transactions.

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Global Financial Data Economic Data

by Global Financial Data logo

Global Financial Data Economic Data provides information relating to the measures of the economy and international trade

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