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hannah Hannah|   Jan 13, 2021

Brand Repositioning Strategy platform/data provider

Which is the best data/consulting company offering brand repositioning strategy services? Does any company have a demonstrated success rate in the light of corona?

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Connected Datasets

Zeotap Brands


Zeotap Brands is a customer intelligence platform that helps to enhance customer data strategies.

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Brandify Enterprise Locator

by brandify-logo

Enterpise Locator provides the ability for business to turn searches into purchases.

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BrandLoyalty Consumer Solutions and Insights

by brandloyalty-logo

BrandLoyalty Consumer Solutions and Insights focuses on helping companies improve customer satisfaction at every stage of their journey. They provide companies with segmentation, behavior, and transaction data as well as market insights. 

In return for their data—and to ensure they stay engaged—BrandLoyalty also rewards customers for with games and other perks.

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BrandWatch Brand Management

by BrandWatch-logo

Brand Management helps your brand online to understand customer perception, spot changes in sentiment, and measure brand visibility – all in real time.

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