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fraud-hunter-celeste Celeste Hwang|   Jan 14, 2021

Best Trend Forecasting Resources?

Which algorithms or data providers/platforms give the best trend forecasting results? Are some better suited to certain audience segments or markets?

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Connected Datasets

AnalyticsIQ Symphony Segmentation

by AnalyticsIQ

AnalyticsIQ offers Symphony Segmentation—ten large segment groups and ninety underlying types for effective marketing.

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PipeCandy Product Trends for Retailers

by pipecandy

PipeCandy Product Trends for Retailers collects web data, including consignment and social data to identify upcoming product fads or longer trends. PipeCandy also allows you to filter these trends and fads by region.

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Mobilewalla Audience Segments

by mobilewalla

Mobilewalla Audience Segments collects mobile, demographic, and geospatial app usage data to create audience segments for social media and other digital marketing campaigns. Mobilewalla’s Audience Segments include Real Estate, Food & Drink, Education, Health & Fitness, Retail, Sports, and Entertainment segments.

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Edison Trends


Trends by Edison allow business to analyze key purchase metrics and strategize for business changes.

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Edison Trends Direct


Trends Direct provided by Edison is a platform that ensures privacy information is secure but accessible for business to use for aggregating reports and understanding commerce trends.

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