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dave-seeks-credit-data Dave McGovern|   Jan 24, 2021

Best Resources to Track “Shadow Lobbying?”

In cases where people don’t register officially as lobbyists but still use money to influence politics, the data must be very difficult to track. How is this done? Is the data measured accurate? How accurate can it be?

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Stirista Political Data

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Stirista offers data that politicians and advisors can use to reach out to constituents and donors. Stirista has (so far) 150 million registered voter details sorted into 360 data points, including donation history. With this contact, demographic, web, and behavioral information, Stirista Political Data enables targeted advertising and outreach.

Stirista can also provide historical campaign data at all levels to help politicians plan effective political strategies.

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Datarama Wealth Finder


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Wealth-X Analytics

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WealthEngine – Advocacy helps to create lifelong donors by understanding them better to cultivate relationships.

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Windfall Wealth Screening

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Windfall Wealth Screening provides accurate net worth profiling for constituents using the most reliable and up-to-date data

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