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nina-alonso Nina Alonso|   Feb 18, 2021

Best economic forecasts over the course of 2020?

Hi. Which data vendors or databases had the most accurate economic forecasts throughout 2020? Which predictive ml programs did they use?

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Connected Datasets

The NPD Group Market Forecasting


The NPD Group Market Forecasting is the use of best-available data in order to understand and forecast the future trends and causes.

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Geospark Analytics Forecast

by geospark_analytics

Geospark Analytics Forecast is a machine learning model that analyzes data from Pulse and Hotspots to produce real-time risk forecasts.

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Great Data Lake Predicted or Actual Data


Actual Data are data that are actually provided by the consumer to Great Data Lake or to its clients while predicted date are created based on the similarity of the actual data.

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