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lloyd-adams-ball Lloyd Adams-Ball|   Feb 21, 2021

Best cloud-based sales data platform?

We’ve used Salesforce for our B2C operations but would like something else. While it is a nice program overall, it is also costly and our agents find the layout a bit confusing. Do you have recommendations for another sales platform, particular for B2B operations? We’ve read a bit about Bombora, Global B2B Contacts, Hunter IO, and a few others on this site but there are not a lot of reviews for them so far.

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Datawhale Datasets for sales


Datawhale’s Dataset for sales provides valuable information that helps businesses reach their target audience.

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Domex Sales Leads


Sales Leads by Domex is a platform that shares industrial and economic projects along with business news for strategic planning.

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Dow Jones Factiva Factiva for Salesforce


Salesforce by Dow Jones Factiva can be used by businesses to stay ahead of the curve on news and potential client opportunities.

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EngageIQ Innovative Sales Software

by EngageIQ

Engage IQ provides businesses with relevant intelligence to drive sales.

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eSalesData Data Appending

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Data Appending Services by eSalesData provide database optimization, allowing customers to enhance their marketing capacity with accurate customer and prospect information.

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