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hester-van-duyvendijk Hester van Duyvendijk|   Feb 21, 2021

Audience Growth Rate

Do you use a particular ml program to to calculate your audience growth rate? Or do you use a data provider and analytics service? Which do you prefer?

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Connected Datasets

Eyeota Audience Marketplace

by eyeota logo

Eyeota Audience Marketplace provides audience segments organized by demographics, geography, behavioral factors, psychological factors, seasonal events, and more. There are more than twenty audience categories for 4.5billion user profiles from all over the globe.

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Adsquare Audience Targeting

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Adsquare Audience Targeting mixes cross-device technology and big data to enable distinct, detailed targeted marketing in 25 countries. This dataset combines location, app usage, purchase, offline, and telecom data to generate a mobile advertising ID (MAID) for brands to target. Adsquare Audience Targeting generates demographic, psychographic, intent, interest app behavior, geobehavior, andB2B data. 

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Bombora Audience Solutions

by bombora-logo

Bombora Audience Solutions allows you to reach B2B customers with intent data, demographic data, and firmographic data. Audience Solutions allows you to customize audience segments with their Digital Audience Builder. 

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DataXpand Audience Marketplace

by dataxpand logo

DataXpand Audience Marketplace suite provides targeted audience clusters for businesses to create and run successful campaigns. Audience clusters are creating with the main behavior verticals of intent, interest, demographics and brand discovery. This data set allows brands to connect with the most influential markets.

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Audience powered by Factual

by factual logo

Audience powered by Factual allows businesses to create and market to audiences with demographic, behavior, and geospatial data. The data provider has over 130 million points of interest and tracks 350 million devices to offer over 1,000 ready-made audiences for companies to select.

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