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hannah Hannah|   Jan 24, 2021

Audience Data vs Consumer Data

What exactly are the differences between these data categories? How would I know which one I need?

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AnalyticsIQ Consumer Data

by AnalyticsIQ

AnalyticsIQ offers a suite of proprietary consumer data: on their behavior, traits, and motivations. 

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Kantar Media TGI Consumer Data

by Kantar Media Logo

Kantar Media TGI Consumer Data measures media consumption (print, TV, etc.), attitudes, beliefs, product usage, and brand usage to consumer behavior and attitude. Kantar Media gathers this data from consumers all over the world and it uses its own proprietary surveys and panels so no other vendor has the same quality of information. 

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Vertical Mass Consumer Data Platform


Vertical Mass Consumer Data Platform allows its clients to gain access to exclusive data across all digital platforms

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VisualDNA Audience Data


VisualDNA Audience Data has a database of over 100M consumer profiles in the UK and 340M around the globe.

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