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xavier-valiat Xavier Valiat|   Mar 31, 2021

Anonymized banking and brokerage transaction data

I’d like to compare transaction data between banks/credit unions and brokerages. Where can I get this information?

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PipeCandy eCommerce Leads & Insights for Banks, Lenders & Insurers

by pipecandy

PipeCandy eCommerce Leads & Insights for Banks, Lenders & Insurers collects data on small businesses. The data includes gross merchandise value, shipping volume, shopper financing options, and more.You can find leads for companies that are good loan and insurance investments with this dataset with filter capabilities.

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Loqate Bank Verification

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Loqate Bank Verification allows you to confirm a bank account’s details in order to process payments without worrying about failures due to address mistakes (and further fees or charges for reprocessing payments).

By entering the 6-digit sort codes and 8-digit bank account numbers, you will receive the bank identifier code, branch title, whether the bank accepts direct debit, and so on.

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Deutsche Bank DB Corporate API: Mortgage Lenders Notification

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Mortgage Lenders Notification is a system that provides real-time notifications on the life cycle of a specific loan.

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IQ Banker Corporate Finance Analytics

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IQ Banker Corporate Finance Analytics transforms the corporate finance modeling from offline Excel-based into the interactive digital platform.

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Jefferies Investment Banking


Jefferies Investment Banking offers a deep sector expertise to corporate and financial sponsor clients.

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