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moshe-stein Moshe Stein|   Feb 24, 2021

AI-Generated Marketing Copy

How many companies use AI to generate marketing copy? Are they (and their customers) generally satisfied with the service?

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Kantar Media Content Distribution

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Kantar Media Content Distribution is a database of journalists and influencers who can be selected by brands for the purpose of sending press releases or other media. This database also tracks who received the media sent to them, whether they read, and, therefore, whether a long-term relationship with them should be opened.

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Ziff Davis B2B Content Marketing

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Ziff Davis B2B Content Marketing provides compelling and engaging content for its buyers, enhancing consumers’ initiative to buy

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Bloomberg Content and Data


Bloomberg Content and Data optimizes supply chain data by providing high quality data to help businesses manage data effectively.

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BuzzSumo Content Strategy

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Content Strategy enables you to check content traffic and its data.

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DAC Content Marketing

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Content Marketing utilizes the power of technology and creative, we develop and delivery appropriate and valuable content that enhances engagement between advertisers and sei-katsu-sha both online and offline.

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