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TV Time CVM Insights

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TV Time CVM Insights anayzes data to come up with better targets, refine marketing, predict performance, and growth in ROI.

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Connected Datasets TV Attribution TV Attribution offers a platform that measures brand attribution on TV. It also integrates 3rd-party sales data, internal data, etc.

0 (0)   Reviews (0) Media Measurement Media Measurement helps clients measure content on (smart) TV in order to manage ad campaigns, locally & nationally

0 (0)   Reviews (0) Marketing Stack Integration Marketing Stack Integration enables clients to connect internal data and infrastructure to external data to better run ad campaigns

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BIGDBM Behavioral Insights & Analytics

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BIGDBM Behavioral Insights & Analytics provides wide variety of consumer insights through its world’s largest consumer database.

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PeerLogix Viewership Data

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PeerLogix Viewership Data powers advertising, investing, and content acquisition decisions with 50,000 tv & movie streams in real time

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