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The Climate Data Factory Catalogue

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The Climate Data Factory Catalogue has a cloud workspace which includes access to the catalogue which contains remapped, bias-adusted and quality controlled CMIP5 and CORDEX data. Own data can also be uploaded.

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Collibra Data Platform

by Collibra logo

The Collibra Data Platform helps companies manage and make sense of their own data, as well as that of third parties. Although it has a wide focus and range of applications, Collibra still delivers meaningful, usable service. They also have a particular focus on financial, public policy, technological, and cybersecurity data categories.

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Alation Data Platform

by Alation data catalog logo

The Alation Data Platform leverages a client organization’s own internal data to help them manage their workflows. Their data catalog, governance, and discovery services rely on IT, machine learning, and industry data. Industries that Alation focuses on include healthcare, finance, insurance, manufacturing, and retail.

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Climatempo Consultoria Agroclima PRO

by Climatempo Consultoria

Climatempo Consultoria Agroclima PRO uses weather data and technology to help farmers plan and monitor crops, reduce losses, and so on

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Climatempo Consultoria SMAC

by Climatempo Consultoria

SMAC provides monitoring and sending alerts 24 hours a day for lightning, heavy rain or gale conditions to your location or area of ​​operation.

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