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Social media is formed of a network of people who constantly share their interests, where they travel, where they live, where they work etc. It is a wealth of information that allows advertisers to target audiences with great precision and with very little wastage. IQ Digital Social Media consists of experts in understanding how to reach target audiences across all social media platforms based on the information they share and how this can be implemented to ensure that minimal wastage is achieved. The team at IQ Digital can help develop social media strategy, build and execute your campaigns and monitor the results.

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Schober – Your Audience

by schober data

Schober – Your Audience refines marketing reach with customer analysis, geofencing, social media, and customer segmentation data. Your Audience also generates customer segments and lookalikes to help businesses attract new customers and successfully promote products or services to existing audiences.

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Kantar Media TGI Consumer Data

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Kantar Media TGI Consumer Data measures media consumption (print, TV, etc.), attitudes, beliefs, product usage, and brand usage to consumer behavior and attitude. Kantar Media gathers this data from consumers all over the world and it uses its own proprietary surveys and panels so no other vendor has the same quality of information. 

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Kantar Media Audience Measurement

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Kantar Media Audience Measurement dataset tracks media consumption worldwide through TV, smart TV, computer, and mobile phone devices. It can also measure which content is being viewed live or bought on-demand.

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PodTrac Podcast Audience Data

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NetBase Quid Social Media Data

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NetBase Quid Social Media Data delivers marketing, trend and product forecasting, crisis management, and more with social media data. With an interactive platform, they deliver insights from unstructured and structured data across the worldwide web.

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