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Services offered by the company includes email lists, industry lists and appending services. E-mail list includes B2B email lists, B2C email list and new business list while industry lists includes advertising lists, oil & gas industry leads, healthcare industry lists, hospitality leads list, and technology users list. For the appending services it includes B2B append data, consumer data append and email appending. These list has information such as company name, contact name, with job title and gender, direct email address, annual sales and other customized details for marketing and sales generation.

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CoreLogic CredCo

by corelogic logo

CoreLogic’s Consumer Disputes Resolution provides free access to FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act)-compliant credit information. CoreLogic offers investigative and consultation services to individuals, with a readiness to correct missing or mistaken bureau data.

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DataX Know Your Customer


DataX Know Your Customer provides data to better asses consumer risk assessment.

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Twenty Billion Neurons Crowd Acting platform


Twenty Billion Neurons Crowd Acting platform enables your own interactive AI to train using large and and diverse datasets.

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Wiser Solutions Retail Auditing And Mobile Crowdsourcing

by wiser-solutions

Wiser Solutions Retail Auditing And Mobile Crowdsourcing provides actionable insights on in-store sales performance, competitors, and consumer behavior.

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Globalme Data Services

by Globalme

Globalme Data Services is a multilingual data platform that ensures data are diverse and suitable for multilingual audiences

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