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AR/VR spending guide tells where current spending is focused and where future spending will be. Whether clients are looking for a starting point into a new market or wish to expand in their current market, this guide helps to plan journey and develop a strategy that aligns with market dynamics. It also reveals which niche areas and market pockets are going to develop over the next five years. With it, clients can locate opportunities, prioritize markets, and name use cases to better tailor message and sales tactics.

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Schober – Your Audience

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Schober – Your Audience refines marketing reach with customer analysis, geofencing, social media, and customer segmentation data. Your Audience also generates customer segments and lookalikes to help businesses attract new customers and successfully promote products or services to existing audiences.

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DataMagic Customer Analytics

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DataMagic Customer Analytics helps organizations analyse purchase patterns, customer behaviors, lifestyle preferences etc and help them win customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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Lotame Cartographer

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Lotame Cartographer, part of Lotame’s Connect package, tracks customer identity and behavior across all your sites and platforms, no matter which device or domain they use. With this data, you can target customers with ad types and products that they have already shown interest in.

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180byTwo – Cosmos

by 180 by Two Data vendor

180byTwo Cosmos provides comprehensive, detailed, and ethically-sourced customer data for companies that want to improve their customer service and advertising campaigns. Cosmos uses both public and private sources of demographic, transaction, income, interest, and other information. Additionally, it provides analytics services to improve marketing and management strategies.

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Rakuten Intelligence Data

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Rakuten Intelligence Data delivers omni-channel behavior, transaction, geospatial, demographic, and trends data for numerous industries

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