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GlobalWebIndex provide access the world’s most insightful consumer data thru GWI Core, GWI USA, GWI Work. In GWI Core you can find your ideal audience, wherever they are while the GWI USA is the data set that helps brand keep pace and the GWI Work they will tells you exactly what’s changing and why.

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Similarweb Data

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Similarweb Data continuously collects, synthesizes, models, and analyzes web traffic data—and has done so for over a decade now. With 200 hard-working data scientists analyzing two terabytes of data daily, users receive quality reports for their advertising, benchmarking, and research needs.

In addition, Similarweb also tracks hundreds of millions of product SKUs, nearly five million apps, and 250 million display ads, and much more. They also partner with DPSs, ISPs, and other organizations to collect and manage their web data.

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