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Eyeota Marketers

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Eyeota’s Market Services provide services for marketers to reach their target audience, amplify their brand and grow their business. There systems provide onboarding methodology that allows for consistent and privacy compliant data. Their system contains over 4 billion unique audience profiles giving businesses the ability to identify, reach and engage with their ideal customer. Finally, they provide data confidence within their campaigns.

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Eyeota Audience Marketplace

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Eyeota Audience Marketplace provides audience segments organized by demographics, geography, behavioral factors, psychological factors, seasonal events, and more. There are more than twenty audience categories for 4.5billion user profiles from all over the globe.

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Eyeota Onboarding Data

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Eyeota Onboarding Data enables you to find new customers based on data from existing customers. By collecting geospatial data, survey data, transaction data, internal company (CRM) data, and more, Eyeota can find your new customers.

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