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Close’s Know Your Customer (KYC) tools provide customer data insights for businesses to manage risks and find upsell opportunities. Their KYC services include KYC-Crawl and KYC-Enrich. KYC-Crawl provides a thorough analysis by their smart crawlers including business information, website content, technical aspect and proprietary scores from domains provided by businesses. KYC-Enrich provides database enrichment by improving their online business and managing compliance. Overall, their services allow businesses to audit domains and websites that belong to businesses, prospects of customers, while keeping their data safe. They can also analyze trends and developments and score customers providing in depth insights.

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CoreLogic CredCo

by corelogic logo

CoreLogic’s Consumer Disputes Resolution provides free access to FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act)-compliant credit information. CoreLogic offers investigative and consultation services to individuals, with a readiness to correct missing or mistaken bureau data.

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DataX Know Your Customer


DataX Know Your Customer provides data to better asses consumer risk assessment.

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Twenty Billion Neurons Crowd Acting platform


Twenty Billion Neurons Crowd Acting platform enables your own interactive AI to train using large and and diverse datasets.

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Wiser Solutions Retail Auditing And Mobile Crowdsourcing

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Wiser Solutions Retail Auditing And Mobile Crowdsourcing provides actionable insights on in-store sales performance, competitors, and consumer behavior.

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Globalme Data Services

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Globalme Data Services is a multilingual data platform that ensures data are diverse and suitable for multilingual audiences

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