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Company Reports enables you to remove bad debt and poor business relationships.

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PredictLeads DealGraph

by PredictLeads

PredictLeads DealGraph provides an interactive visualization of PredictLeads’ proprietary company data. This information includes technological acquisitions, product launches, partnerships, management changes, and more. The experts behind DealGraph manually verify every data point, assigning a unique tag to each point.

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QuickCompany Company

by QuickCompany

QuickCompany Company provides data on existing companies and help register new ones. They serve individuals, private limited, & LLPs

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Arabesque Company Snapshot


Arabesque Company Snapshot reports on a company’s S-ray scores in addition to analyses on status quo, gap, and sensitivity analyses

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Datastream B2B Data

by datastream logo new

Datastream B2B Data is one of the most trusted company data providers. They collected employee and contact data for millions of businesses. Datastream updates their database monthly.

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Schober – Your Database

by schober data

Schober – Your Database maintains accurate German B2C and B2B data for marketing purposes, validating contact information for businesses, freelancers, and customers. Schober then enriches the data with customer attributes and provides analysis through its proprietary Analysis TargetBase and Business TargetBase.

Analysis TargetBase tracks nearly 60 million private German addresses against behavioral and demographic data as well as other customer data. These include Schober individual household evaluations and German lifestyle market analysis and consumer surveys.

Business TargetBase tracks up to 4.5 million German companies and their company data, including financial numbers. Their company data also includes individual contact details, affinity, media use, and so on.

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