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Big Data Exchange Omnisource IQ-DaaS

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Big Data Exchange Omnisource IQ-DaaS allows businesses to identify the right consumer at the right time through their real time data signals and insights. These data are gained from various sources online, offline, mobile and geo-location. It features real-time targeting, custom segment building and conducts a more personalized approach.

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Lotame Data Exchange

by lotame logo

Lotame Data Exchange is a marketplace of various audience segment databases. These databases come from Lotame itself and other vendors. The Data Exchange consists of four parts: the Third-Party Data Marketplace, the Private Data Exchange (PDX), the TV Data Exchange, and the Custom Data Solutions platforms.

This data exchange allows you to easily access data to help your business strategy. All the data listed can easily integrate into your existing CRM.

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Distil Networks Cloud Data Security

by Distil-Networks

Distil Networks Cloud Data Security protects cloud-based database-as-a-service environments.

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Rakuten Intelligence Data

by Rakuten_Intelligence_logo

Rakuten Intelligence Data delivers omni-channel behavior, transaction, geospatial, demographic, and trends data for numerous industries

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Acxiom Marketing Database Solutions

by Acxiom Data vendor review

Acxiom Marketing Database Solutions creates valuable brand experiences by engaging people across channels.

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Vertical Mass Consumer Data Platform


Vertical Mass Consumer Data Platform allows its clients to gain access to exclusive data across all digital platforms

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