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Atoka Geospatial Consulting

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Atoka Geospatial Consulting provides a wide range of GIS services. Their GIS digital mapping experts helps in managing field data and effectively present their complex relationships. Their GIS services includes Data Acquisition & Management, Data Analysis, and Cartography.

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GeoIQ Data APIs

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Data APIs is used to make powerful decisions on location data through GeoIQs platform.

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Loqate Geo+

by Loqate datasets

Loqate Geo+ allows you to make faster and more accurate deliveries. It does this by aligning longitude and latitude with the combination of geocodes, UPRNs (Unique Property Reference Numbers), and UDPRNs (the Royal Mail’s 8-digit reference number). Every UK address will soon have a roof-top geocode.

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Schober – Your Audience

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Schober – Your Audience refines marketing reach with customer analysis, geofencing, social media, and customer segmentation data. Your Audience also generates customer segments and lookalikes to help businesses attract new customers and successfully promote products or services to existing audiences.

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DirectionsMag External Database Links


DirectionsMag External Database Links provides a variety of databases and resources for geospatial professionals.

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OneAtlas Satellite Data

by OneAtlas

OneAtlas Satellite Data combines satellite images with geospatial data & analytics for defense, maritime, forest management, & other industry uses

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