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Amex Advance Custom Audiences

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Amex Advance Custom Audiences are those segmented by brand, time period and category.

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Quantcast Q for Publishers

by Quantcast_logo

Quantcast Q for Publishers helps publishers measure, analyze, and monetize audiences with a variety of customer data. They create content segments with granular and real-time web traffic and customer demographic, interest, and brand preference data. Publishers can also manage and analyze advertising campaigns with Q for Publishers.

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PushSpring Audience Marketplace

by Pushspring

PushSpring Audience Marketplace utilizes first-party, deterministic data sources to help companies target the right audience. Users can create custom audiences and incorporate their sales processes into the same platform.

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Audiens Capture Data


Audiens Capture Data provides an easy and simple way to capture data from first party sources.

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180byTwo – Custom Audiences

by 180 by Two Data vendor

180byTwo Custom Audiences helps companies create custom audience segments at any level of granularity, for prospects and existing customers. 180byTwo uses B2B and B2C, intent, technographics, behavior, and other data to build audience segments.

In addition to a custom combination of datasets, 180byTwo also provides predictive data services to forecast market demand and purchasing behavior.

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DataXpand Audience Marketplace

by dataxpand logo

DataXpand Audience Marketplace suite provides targeted audience clusters for businesses to create and run successful campaigns. Audience clusters are creating with the main behavior verticals of intent, interest, demographics and brand discovery. This data set allows brands to connect with the most influential markets.

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