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The World Bank declares its mission "to end extreme poverty and promote shared prosperity;" as such, it collects a huge variety and amount of data. Their "global development data" includes agriculture, natural disaster, credit, poverty, and trade data. World Bank makes all its data free and open, even including a guide to new users. In addition to data and various reports, the World Bank also provides low-interest loans, grants, policy recommendations, and other resources to people in poorer world regions.





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Established in 1946 as the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund, UNICEF now works largely independently. They work to reduce global childhood poverty and improve children’s education, quality of life, and safety in more than 190 countries around the world. In particular, they focus on foundational issues like access to sanitation, childhood malnutrition, and humanitarian relief.

UNICEF tracks and publishes reports on other issues, such as gender and environmentalism. And, as a charitable organization, UNICEF also seeks donations and volunteers.

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Collibra handles enterprise-level data governance and management for the cloud. Their data catalog tracks data lineage securely and and accurately, allowing users to extract valuable insights.

In addition to general data management, Collibra offers solutions for cloud migration and business reporting. They even offer financial and government-specific solutions

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