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Founded in 2016, Windfall provides consumer financial data to identify and help organizations engage high net-worth clients. They provide precise, frequently-updated data that integrates with the most common CRM programs. In this way, organizations can reach their marketing, fundraising, or donation-soliciting goals successfully. Windfall counts among its customers the Boston Children's Hospital, Oakland Zoo, and the Canterbury School.


Windfall Propensity to Give

Windfall Propensity to Give uses advance technologies and intelligence to prioritze leads, uncover previous-valuable donors and increase gift sizes and impact of outreach.
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Windfall Nonprofit

Windfall Nonprofit provides wealth screening and other related services to further segment audience and focus on the right donors.
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Windfall Wealth Screening

Windfall Wealth Screening provides accurate net worth profiling for constituents using the most reliable and up-to-date data
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