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PrivCo provides financial and other company data on private US enterprises. Users include investment banks, private equity firms, law firms, media corporations, and academics. PrivCo analyzes over four million data points in over a thousand verticals to provide accurate insights on company financials and organization. They record funding sources, revenue, employee count, organizational structure, and more on hundreds of thousands of companies. In addition to over a decade of data and proprietary mapping algorithms, PrivCo also offers quality customer support, even to clients on their free service plan. Users also have the option to sign up for the Basic Service or the Enterprise Service. The Basic Service is ideal for SMEs at $83 and sixty company searches per month. The Enterprise Service, on the other hand, suits larger companies with custom needs and pricing. PrivCo also provides a knowledge center, publications, free-text search features, shareable watchlists, a Chrome extension, and more.


PrivCo Enterprise Service

PrivCo Enterprise Service provides a wealth of company financial data. They also deliver custom services and specially requested data
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