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PatSnap is an intelligence platform that connects technology and innovation strategies to help businesses navigate potential risk, identify technological opportunities and ultimately grow their businesses. Their platform uses AI technology to connect and analyze data points from patents, journals, venture capitalists, M&A, startups, technology news and more. Their services allow users to streamline and innovation funnels making them as efficient and effective as possible.


PatSnap IP Intelligence

PatSnap IP Intelligence tracks global patents data to help users track competitors, market trends, & the status of their own inventions
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Darts-ip supports and assists legal and business professionals with global insights on important legal or intellectual property cases

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PatentSight is a data provider from Germany. They specialize in providing access to unique data analytics that allow technology-drive organization to gain valuable insights for strategic IP management.

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Ipqwery collects corporate intellectual property (IP) data which is located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada and founded year 2016.

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IFI CLAIMS Patent Services

IFI CLAIMS Patent Services uses proprietary search software to deliver medical patent data to researchers, drug developers, and investors. IFI CLAIMS keeps accurate data on patents from around the world; their data includes publications, expiration dates, reassignments, status changes, citations, and translations.

In addition to all this, IFI CLAIMS offers data development and maintenance as well as business-friendly licensing.

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Clarivate is a data provider from the US, it provides innovation information and insight for people to turn them into reality.

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