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Lotame is a data provider offering customer onboarding and churn prevention solutions through customer segmentation, behavior, demographics, and marketing data. Lotame considers itself a pioneer in the field of data management and analysis, incorporating in 2006 and expanding worldwide.





Lotame Customer Acquisition

Lotame Customer Acquisition provides targeted audience personas and audience look-alike models to marketers. This data is based on customer attitudes, behaviors, engagement, and transaction data that Lotame collects on your existing customers.
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Lotame Private Data Exchange

Lotame Private Data Exchange connects businesses with quality audience segment data vendors. Also called Lotame PDX, this service is part of the Lotame Data Exchange. It measures audience data from anywhere in the world and offers regional and vertical filters.
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Lotame Custom Data Solutions

Lotame Custom Data Solutions connects marketers with experienced data consultants who can help construct audience data models. The Lotame Custom Data Solutions, part of the Lotame Data Exchange, also offers a pay-as-you-go model for consultations.
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Lotame LAB

Lotame LAB consists of Audience Builder and Audience Optimizer, an audience segmentation database and an AI audience modeling platform respectively. 
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Lotame Cartographer

Lotame Cartographer, part of Lotame's Connect package, tracks customer identity and behavior across all your sites and platforms, no matter which device or domain they use. With this data, you can target customers with ad types and products that they have already shown interest in.
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