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Jefferies Financial Group also known as Jefferies, is a New York-based investment banking firm for more than 60 years. They offer 5 main units which are: full range of investment banking, fixed income, equities, asset management and wealth management. Jefferies also have their research and strategy group in equities and fixed income that offers valuable insights and ideas to their clients on different market strategies.


Jefferies Investment Banking

Jefferies Investment Banking offers a deep sector expertise to corporate and financial sponsor clients.
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Jefferies Equities

Jefferies Equities is a client-focused full-service sales, trading and capital markets platform.
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Jefferies Wealth Management

Jefferies private wealth management is a registered investment advisor that provides access to the capabilities of a global institutional brokerage and investment banking firm.
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Jefferies Fixed Income

Jefferies Fixed Income is a global client-focused sales, trading and capital markets platform across all fixed income securities.
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