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INRIX, a private company headquartered in Kirkland, Washington and founded in 2004, provides location-based data and analytics. Their primary use cases are the development of mobile phone and in-car navigation apps; their primary customers include governments, app developers, advertisers, and car manufacturers. INRIX has acquired various car services providers: ITIS (traffic data) in 2011, ParkMe (parking spot location) in 2015, and OpenCar (traffic, in-car entertainment, analytics, and more) in 2016.


INRIX Traffic

Traffic data gives a complete picture of what's happening on the road.
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INRIX Parking

INRIX Parking provides comprehensive parking data and analytics covering hundreds of thousands of locations worldwide
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INRIX Analytics

Data provides analytic tools like trip trends to provide insight into movement patterns of roadways and populations.
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INRIX Parkme is a leading global provider of static on-street, off-street and real-time parking data.

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