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IFI CLAIMS Patent Services

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IFI CLAIMS Patent Services uses proprietary search software to deliver medical patent data to researchers, drug developers, and investors. IFI CLAIMS keeps accurate data on patents from around the world; their data includes publications, expiration dates, reassignments, status changes, citations, and translations. In addition to all this, IFI CLAIMS offers data development and maintenance as well as business-friendly licensing.


IFI CLAIMS Patent Services Data Enrichments

Data enrichment saves time on data clean up and analysis with specialized fields.
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IFI CLAIMS Patent Services Direct Deployment

Direct deployment is a ready-to-use patent database with an extensive documentation portal available to make sure clients always have the most current product information.
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IFI CLAIMS Patent Services Direct Data Collection

Direct Data Collection allows users get access to more than 125 million patent records which are updated daily.
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