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Global B2B Contacts

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Global B2B Contacts provides comprehensive B2B and IT mailing, email, and telemarketing lists. They also provide database cleansing, data appending, and customized email list development services. Global B2B Contacts creates their lists using a variety of sources; these include public records, licenses, entry forms, credit & financial data, SEC listings, institution information, government records, and conference, trade show, and seminar attendee registrations.


Global B2B Contacts Email Database

Email Database is used for the e-mail marketing of the clients to ensure a reliable and better sales lead.
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Global B2B Contacts Specific Email List

Specific Email List provides client a tailored mailing list that will match with their specific business need and avoid spam box e-mails because the data are validated and permission based.
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Global B2B Contacts Technology List

Technology list is a B2B Contact technology user mail list that provides customer the details about the sales volume & business trends, and accurate technology users database.
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Global B2B Contacts Healthcare List

Global B2B Contacts Healthcare List provides a verified, accurate database of healthcare industry mailing lists
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