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GBG Group provides identity verification and location data to keep companies safe from fraud. Companies use the GBG company data to identify fraud and improve risk management and compliance processes. Based in the UK, GBG Group has expanded worldwide with its use of machine learning and early adoption of technological advances like facial recognition software. In 2015, GBG Group acquired Loqate.





GBG Identity Verification

GBG Identity Verification is used to check if an individual is who they say they are to ensure that the business is always protected.
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GBG KnowYourPeople

GBG KnowYourPeople provides fast background checks on your employees to keep your organization—including your current employees—safe. KnowYourPeople checks UK Right to Work documents, confirms employee identities, does more than one criminal background check, does a financial background check, and more. 
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GBG IDscan

GBG IDscan is part proprietary legal document database and part AI color wave tech that can confirm whether a scanned document is likely genuine. Retail companies, police forces, and banks all trust GBG Group's IDscan.
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GBG Connexus

GBG Group's Connexus enables you to confirm the identity of the person behind a transaction. Connexus is an award-winning identity tracing application with over a billion data attributes to optimize customer onboarding, fraud detection, debtor tracing, and more. GBG Group also offers OSINT—open-source intelligence—to find a customer's social profile though related geolocation, username, or keywords. 
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Loqate is an award-winning geospatial data provider, acquired by GBG Group in 2015. They provide address verification, bank verification,email and phone validation, data cleansing, and other services.

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