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eXTReMe-IP-Lookup is a website that specializes in providing geolocation information about IP addresses, including latitude, longitude, and ISP. It also provides IP type: that is, residential, business, or educational address. For these public facilities it also links to the business or school website. Users can search up to twenty IP requests per minute and ten thousand requests per month for free. For more than that, however, you must purchase the Pro Package at either €20 per month for yearly access or €25 per month each month. Major corporations trust this data provider, from eBay to NASA, from PayPal to Wolters Kluwer and it's easy to see why. First, eXTReMe-IP-Lookup integrates easily with software programs like Google Optimize, Optimizely, VWO, Matoma, and more. Secondly, it also provides JSON, JSONP, and CSV implementation options, allowing users to customize and enrich any website.


eXTReMe IP Lookup IP Location

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