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Equifax is a data, analytics and technology company that uses unique data assets, technology and analytics to provide their knowledge into insights that empower people to move forward. They are consumer advocates, financial literacy leaders, and help economic advancement. Equifax provides services for government, business and personal purposes.





Equifax Score Watch

Score Watch provides customers with their FICO credit score and their Equifax credit report twice per year.
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Similar Data Providers

Iran Credit Scoring

Iran Credit Scoring is the only national credit bureau in Iran that offers Consumer Credit Rating Data by assigning credit scores and reports to identify credit risk to credit providers

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TrackStar offers a machine learning solution to lender and credit fraud, based on fifteen years of financial dispute data. Lenders from all industries can rest easy knowing their fraud detection and risk management systems are in good hands. In return, lenders can focus on customers and portfolios.

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Compuscan is a data provider from South Africa, it provides credit and information data to institutions and businesses.

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ID Analytics

ID Analytics, operated by LexisNexis, provides credit and fraud risk analysis. The company uses near real-time customer behavior (and other) data to create risk profiles for a variety of industries. In fact, ID Analytics uses proven expert analytics capabilities that have made it a major resource for nearly two decades.

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