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DataWeave provides retail intelligence and brand analytics. They also provide online Retail Intelligence to their retailer clients, helping optimize product assortment, pricing, and promotions. They also provide Brand Analytics to help protect client brand equity and improve online shopper experiences. In order to do this, they provide minimum advertised price (MAP) monitoring, SOV of online promotions tracking and optimizing, products searchability enhancements, and customer review identification.





DataWeave – Sales and Market Share

DataWeave - Sales and Market Share dataset provides information regarding: and more.
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DataWeave: Pricing Intelligence – Pricing Data

DataWeave: Pricing Intelligence - Pricing Data dataset provides information regarding: Consumer Survey Data,Retail & Commerce Data,Hospitality Industry Data and more.
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DataWeave Retail Intelligence

DataWeave’s Retail Intelligence provides retailers product data to inform business decisions.
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DataWeave Alternative Data

DataWeave’s Alternative Data suite provides market intelligence for businesses to access accurate and actionable investment signals.
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