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Criticker provides movie and TV recommendations by and for individual users across the globe. By rating ten movies, users can start receiving recommendations without even signing up. However, once they do, they can write reviews, create lists, and interact with users on the forums or whom Criticker identifies as having similar tastes. These identifications of users with similar tastes come from the TCI, Taste Compatibility Index. Criticker also provides a PSI, Probability Score Indicator, which predicts the rating a user would give to a program. Criticker also provides site feeds, data about last-minute bargains on Ebay, and allows users to import scores from IMDb.


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Flixster provides online recommendations for movies, both in the theaters, at home, or upcoming.

It aggregates reviews from other sites, particularly Rotten Tomatoes, and also provides information on the movie’s availability, cast, and crew. It even offers image galleries and trailers.

Flixster also provides movie news, including TV reviews and critic interviews.

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Nanocrowd helps marketers reach their ideal audiences. More than a review aggregation service or a genre database, Nanocrowd tracks viewer tastes and views using their own words.

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TasteDive provides online recommendations for music, movies, TV shows, books, games, podcasts, and even authors. They also allow users to publish reviews of any product or creator in their database or build lists based on whatever qualifications suit them.

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