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Capital Intelligence Ratings Ci Ratings

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Capital intelligence ratings (CI Ratings) is a credit analysis and ratings provider. As of today, they easily rate over 300 banks, corporates, financial instruments (bonds, etc.) and sovereigns in 28 countries. As a specialist in emerging markets, CI Ratings coverage geographically the following: the Middle East, the wider Mediterranean region, Central and Eastern Europe, South Asia, South-East Asia, the Far East, and North Africa.


Capital Intelligence Ratings Ci Ratings Bank Rating Reports

Bank Rating Reports provides an annual in-depth qualitative and quantitative studies of specific financial institutions.
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Capital Intelligence Ratings Ci Ratings Corporate Rating Reports

Corporate Rating Reports is an in-depth study of a corporate's financial and non-financial profile.
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Capital Intelligence Ratings Ci Ratings Insurance Rating Reports

The Insurer Financial Strength Rating (IFSR) provides a forward-looking opinion of an insurer's capacity and willingness to pay its valid insurance contract obligations when they become due.
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