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Founded in 1997 and headquartered in Turkey, Basarsoft is a pioneer in providing infrastructure solutions in the Geographic information system (GIS). For over 20 years, they have served diversified clients by providing solutions that specializes in Utility Network GIS and Navigation Data Production Sector. Their prime goal is to use the innovative and solution-oriented system in the GIS field to offer people solutions and make life easier.


Basarsoft Mapbasic

Basarsoft Mapbasic is a programming language that creates applications for use with MapInfo Professional.
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Basarsoft MapXtreme

Basarsoft MapXtreme is a powered intelligence software to that integrates location intelligence with its client's existing systems.
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Basarsoft Mapinfo Pro

Basarsoft Mapinfo Pro is a desktop mapping application that provides insights on market trends and patterns for businesses to make enhanced strategic decision making.
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