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Founded in 1999, AsianCIS provides online business information services that specializes in producing Credit report information in the Asian and Pacific regions for over 48 years. The company offers services in credit risk, credit scoring and other credit-related information products and solutions. AsianCIS has now served 62 countries throughout Asian and Pacific regions with a professional team of 1,540 staff dedicated to the credit reports.


AsianCIS Fastcheck Reports

AsianCIS Fastcheck Reports is the quickest way to obtain information on companies through basic, detail, and in-depth report.
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AsianCIS Fullcheck Reports

AsianCIS Fullcheck Reports provides freshly investigated credit reports that usually takes up to five (5) business days to obtain.
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AsianCIS Nega-Scan Indicator

AsianCIS Nega-Scan Indicator provides their subscibers with adverse data.
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