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Founded in 2018 and headquartered in California, Andes provides regenerative agriculture data. In essence, it merges bacteria and seed integration with artificial intelligence to help farmers gain valuable market insights. Andes helps increase productivity and enhance strategies to reverse the impact of climate change and water pollution.





DTN Agriculture

Agriculture solutions by DTN is used support producer and agribusinesses to boost yields, minimize risks and make the max amount of profit possible.
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Agrimoney tracks news and market data on agricultural commodities and companies. Users from investors to farmers sign up for detailed and accurate analysis, news, and data. Agrimoney offers real-time financial market data and several commodities sub-types. They also offer agricultural calculators such as measurements and yields for farmers.

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Data Alliance

Data Alliance is a crowd-sourced block-chain IoT data provider. In less than a year, it became a Gold Member of the Open Connectivity Foundation. Since then, it has worked with government agencies, municipalities, and others to provide valuable, real-time radio, environmental, and agricultural data. 

Data Alliance also regularly takes part in hacking marathons and data-related mentoring programs.

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