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Adsquare Data Alliance

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Adsquare Data Alliance offers demographic data, interest data, brand awareness data, eCommerce data, and mobile location and app usage data. They guarantee their demographic data outperforms the Nielsen standards.


Adsquare Post-Campaign Footfall Measurement

Adsquare's Post-Campaign Footfall Measurement quantifies ad campaign effectiveness by measuring ad views and store visits. This dataset analysis also measures the effectiveness of an ad campaign on certain audience segments and on competitors. Finally, it provides recommendations for future campaigns.
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Adsquare Real-Time Footfall Measurement

Adsquare's Real-Time Footfall Measurement provides better ad effectiveness measures by citing actual store visits following ad viewership.
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Adsquare Proximity Targeting

Adsquare's Proximity Targeting enables advertisers to reach customers with place, weather, event, and household data. With Proximity Targeting, businesses can show ads to people who are currently located in the geographic area.
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Adsquare Audience Targeting

Adsquare Audience Targeting mixes cross-device technology and big data to enable distinct, detailed targeted marketing in 25 countries. This dataset combines location, app usage, purchase, offline, and telecom data to generate a mobile advertising ID (MAID) for brands to target. Adsquare Audience Targeting generates demographic, psychographic, intent, interest app behavior, geobehavior, andB2B data. 
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Adsquare Data Alliance

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