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Adfire Health

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Established in 2000, Adfire Health is an American data provider whose goal is to connect healthcare professionals and patients with good medical brands. Adfire Health digital advertising technologies incorporates digital identity, programmatic technology and strategic approach.





Adfire Health Creativity

Adfire Health Creativity crafts advertising campaigns efficiently and in compliance.
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Crossix provides life science data to brand marketing departmetns as well as healthcare providers. Review and rate their data services here

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FDNA Telehealth

FDNA Telehealth provides online genetic counseling and education aimed at parents of young children. In addition to educational articles and links to medical publications, parents can also submit images to FDNA to identify likely genetic diseases. FDNA then connects parents to doctors and counselors familiar with the conditions their children may have.

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Evaluate is an information services company from London. They specialize in providing intelligence for the pharmaceutical industry.

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H1 Insights

H1 Insights contains a wealth of healthcare data across 70 countries. Their databases include information on over 9 million healthcare providers, 700 medical societies, 16,000 organizations, 160 million peer–reviewed publications, and 530,000 clinical trials. With this information, H1 Insights helps fundraise, develop, and market treatments and therapies for a range of conditions.

H1 Insights bills itself as the first company to provide live on-demand healthcare and life science data to clients.

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