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Aclima was founded in 2007 and headquartered in San Francisco, CA. It provides hyperlocal air quality data and insights at block-by-block resolution. Through the combination of advanced technology, climate science, enterprise software and hardware, it produces high-resolution emission maps across pollutants.





Aclima Insights for Community.

Aclima Insight is a tool for communities to gain free access to air quality data and climate science.
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Pollen Sense is data a provider from the United States that provides real time automated pollen imaging and analysis.

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BreezoMeter is data provider from Israel, it provides only air quality and pollen data to a wide range of industries to integrate such data into their sales.

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OpenAQ focuses on improving air quality in the world. As a non-profit, they offer open-source tools and data. Communities around the world use their services to reduce “air inequality.”

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Air Quality Data Commons

Air Quality Data Commons is a data provider of air quality data to understand the air quality sensors and encourage the development of data-driven solutions.

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World Air Quality Index

World Air Quality Index is a non-profit project that provides data on worldwide air quality.

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