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180byTwo is a data provider offering B2B and B2C audience data collected from customer contact information, company data, transaction, firmographic, demographic, online behavior, and—crucially—location data. With this audience data, you can accurately score leads and create successful marketing campaigns.





180ByTwo AccountLink

180ByTwo AccountLink is the B2B identity solution and build for B2B marketers
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180byTwo – Custom Audiences

180byTwo Custom Audiences helps companies create custom audience segments at any level of granularity, for prospects and existing customers. 180byTwo uses B2B and B2C, intent, technographics, behavior, and other data to build audience segments. In addition to a custom combination of datasets, 180byTwo also provides predictive data services to forecast market demand and purchasing behavior.
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180byTwo – LOCi

180byTwo LOCi provides accurate, verified location data to marketers and other professionals. Users can connect their brand affinity and demographics data with most-visited location data collected from over 200 million anonymized individuals. And by tracking ad awareness, companies can better calculate their conversion rates and therefore improve their ad campaigns. LOCi also collects data from the wider web, especially social media, enabling users to deliver content tailored to their prospects via social media, TV, and so on.
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180byTwo – Xplorer

180byTwo Xplorer delivers reliable B2B sales prospecting data. Every month, they verify their data on 50 million business and 120 million professionals. Xplorer also provides segmenting services to help sales and marketing teams reach the right prospects in the right company based on size, revenue range, location, and more.
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180byTwo – AccountLink

180byTwo's AccountLink data set is an account-based marketing solution based on geospatial and IP data. AccountLink gathers company locations (15 million so far) and, with geospatial data analytics and artificial intelligence programming, creates Ideal Customer Profiles (ICPs) for marketing use.
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