COVID-19 brought enormous changes to the workplace, from where we do business to the kinds of software we use. It also accelerated existing trends to digital, cloud-based computing systems and raised new cybersecurity concerns.

As the world emerges from the upheaval of the pandemic, businesspeople begin to take stock of the world around them and to look forward into the future. At InformationWeek, senior editor Jessica Davis looks back at the yearly Gartner Data & Analytics Summit and considers the insights from the Chief Data Officers that attended.

“How can data and analytics leaders better align with their CEOs’ vision? What makes a chief data officer successful in the eyes of the business and an organization’s other executives?

The most valued chief data officers are those who have business-facing KPIs and make those their priority. The data and analytics survey showed that the the top priorities among data and analytics leaders are data quality (51%), ROI from data and analytics investments (44%), and data sharing (43%). But succeeding at those important priorities is just the first step”

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