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What Is Psychographics Data?

Psychographics data measures the personal attributes and beliefs of individuals that drive their interests and behaviors. In most cases, psychographics is used by marketers to drive campaign RoI. Product developers also use this data in their work.

Where Does Psychographics Data Come From?

This data comes from both direct and indirect sources. Those direct sources include surveys, focus groups, and customer interviews. Meanwhile, indirect sources come from website content, web analytics, passive app usage, and online keyword and sentiment data.

What Types of Columns/Attributes Should I Expect When Working with This Data?

This data tends to group people into established psychological profiles, such as the Big 5 Personality Traits. Data scientist-created psychographic measurements are also used, such as the Linguistic Inquiry and Word Count (see below).

However, whether you create your own psychographic customer profiles or purchase a data provider’s services, you likely have the option of creating custom psychographic segments rather than using pre-made ones.

What Is Psychographics Used For?

Marketers use psychographics both to identify a company’s customer base or target market and then to advertise to them in a way that addresses their values and lifestyles rather than just their immutable characteristics.

How Should I Test the Quality of Psychographics Data?

Quality psychographic datasets take in data from both internal and external sources. Your internal team or your data provider should always anonymize these sources for customer safety and privacy. Additionally, they should thoroughly cleanse the data so no customer traits have more weight than they should.

Additionally, your internal team or data provider must update these datasets often, especially after an advertising or promotional campaign. After all, the larger your audience, the more precise your psychographic customer profiles must be.

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Linguistic Inquiry and Word Count

Tangible Examples of Impact

When asked about the best way for brands to reach consumers during this time, Rachel Conforti, vice president of marketing at LoopMe, pointed to mobile and [TV] as the “logical areas of inventory where consumers [spend] most of their time during the pandemic.”

“By using smart targeting and AI to create predictive models in-flight toward consumer attributes, brands can reach consumers in apps to offer brand and performance messages about workouts and healthy living. In-flight optimization and in-flight surveys allow brands to target those interested in health and fitness … This allows for the campaign to perform better by eliminating the wasted impressions on consumers that aren’t going to convert.”

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