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What Is Hospitality Industry Data?

Hospitality industry data consists of information about the hospitality, travel, and tourism industries. Hotels, casinos, cruise lines, spas, and other companies generate this kind of data.

Where Does Hospitality Industry Data Come From?

Sources of this data include internal company data, especially customer feedback, and external data like social media, tourism data, industry reviews, industry and market reports, and point-of-interest data.

What Types of Columns/Attributes Should I Expect When Working with This Data?

Common attributes of hospitality industry data may encompass entire countries or industries or may be focused on specific companies. Industry and company-wide data, for example, includes things like total yearly revenue, hotel occupancy rate per nation, or industry-wide use of loyalty programs. Finally, internal company data includes information on total revenue, brand health, and customer transaction or loyalty program engagement.

What Is This Data Used For?

Like any other company, hospitality industry professionals use this data to optimize marketing, customer service, employee engagement and recruitment, and market research.

How Should I Test the Quality of Hospitality Industry Data?

A good hospitality industry dataset merges both internal and external data. Furthermore, data providers should process the data for your goals. That is, they should gather only relevant data and ensure they properly standardize what they gather.

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Tangible Examples of Impact

For the first time, data science techniques typically reserved for Revenue Management can be leveraged by Marketing to enable sophisticated personalization for every guest.

The Insight Score gives marketers what they need to understand a guest’s true affinity for their brand. By analyzing RFM, the predicted likelihood a guest will stay, and that guest’s propensity to spend, the Insight Score gives Hotel marketers a unique level of behavioral understanding of every guest.
Used in combination with other attributes in eInsight CRM such as geography, stay dates, demographics, psychographics and more, the Insight Score allows for a truly personalized experience across all touch points.

Hospitality Net: Insight Score: the guest lifetime value score supercharged by data science

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