What do you get when you cross a natural entrepreneur with one of the world’s largest industries and then add in a healthy dose of data platforming and AI? You get Pulak Sinha’s “Pepper”—a company that is changing the way Asset and Portfolio Managers think about deploying data to generate ROI while managing risk.

Sinha thinks of data as the lifeblood of the industry he’s devoted his career to serving. A technologist with deep vertical business knowledge and experience, he started Pepper with a clear intent: To make data friendly and useful to Asset Managers who are dealing with scores of asset classes, differential regulations, multivariate analytical situations, and the general vicissitudes of the market.

The numbers involved in Asset Management are astronomical. Estimates are that 100 trillion dollars are managed in this space; of this, up to 15 trillion is invested in “alternatives” which are thought of as illiquid yet high-potential assets. Geographical, regulatory, and contextual factors have to be taken into account as well as the shifting landscape of investment in general. In addition, managing risk is a core element in the calculus of ROI.

Now imagine a Cloud-Native investment-data platform for Asset Managers which allows for quick decision-making, holistic and single sources of the truth, in a multivariate landscape. Imagine a platform and not point-solutions.

Billions of dollars are managed on the Pepper platform, which is growing exponentially. Sinha “over-developed” the technology before commercializing the platform for a clear reason: “When you are dealing with OPM (Other Peoples’ Money) you cannot be just ‘good-enough’.” “The technology has to accommodate an infinitude of scenarios and the delicate nuances of Asset Management all the while scaling seamlessly and being able to ingest new data continuously,” says Sinha.

At the end of the day, Asset Management is about generating ROI while staying within the guardrails of regulation. The only real differentiator is data.

That’s why Pepper is such an important member of the data community. Helping a 100 trillion dollar industry to improve itself is no small task but Pulak Sinha is ready to take it on.