Last Monday, our lead advisor, Romi Mahajan, CMRO of Quantarium, wrote for InformationWeek about how companies can best make use of AI technologies.

Business leaders, he writes, cannot onboard the newest data innovation expecting revolutionary results from that act alone. Rather, they must focus on context, appropriate data, timing, and company culture.

Mahajan writes:

AI may seem to work wonders under the right conditions, but it is far from a fix for all problems.

Around since the 1950s, artificial intelligence has taken on a new valence over the past decade. In both reality and rhetoric, AI has emerged as a leading subject in business technology discussions and is viewed by many as both a silver bullet and an existential risk to business organizations and society as a whole. Whatever side of the AI debate you are on, no amount of analysis and scrutiny is too much. The worst thing that can emerge from this critical focus is better products, services, and processes. Either way, technology and business leadership must come together to let AI yield the sorts of outcomes that justify the investments made.

The jury is still out regarding the application of AI to business. While there have been profound advances, there have also been a host of false promises and hyperbolic predictions that never materialized.

For the rest of the article, please follow the link: Deep AI Verticalization: No Silver Bullets at InformationWeek